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LunguLungu materialized from the convergence of an intrigue for fashion and a magnetism of Ghana’s bold African wax print patterns. This vibrant, innovative collection of women’s designs was created with Ghana’s compromised textile industry in mind – LunguLungu is an opportunity to share the colours of Africa with the rest of the world while supporting Ghana’s local industry in a socially responsible way.


Gloria traveled to the West African nation and became mesmerized by the intense colours, the hypnotizing patterns. With a background in fashion and a keen awareness of socially responsible, sustainable economy, further research into the local textile industry uncovered its history of rapid declination. Foreign textile companies infiltrating the market have caused damage to local manufacturers for decades. Recognizing the unique beauty of the indigenous prints paired with the conundrum of the dwindling textile industry, a light switched on.Gloria got to work. She bought strictly Ghana-made wax prints from the market and materials to create. After designing a full women’s collection of simple yet innovative designs, Gloria consulted with a team of local tailors and seamstresses about her patterns, adjusting them according to their input. Their expertise and sewing machines breathed life into the paper patterns and soon, the stunning Ghanaian prints took on the shape of bold, functional style created for fashion-conscious consumers the world over.

In the local dialect, LunguLungu translates to something close to “alternate route”. It encompasses the concept of stepping away from the beaten path of fast fashion, and embarking on the route less traveled.

LunguLungu is committed to the slow fashion movement, which is embodied by small-scale production, hand-made products, and limited edition pieces. It enhances the local economy by providing work for seamstresses and tailors, as well as sourcing fabrics that are solely made in Ghana.